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Use, simplicity, documents

Since 2012, I have been using this application and it is really very easy to use, ergonomic. In addition to many online documents, databases. Suggestions and alerts to put in place. It's awesome.

Christelle | Jan. 2023

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Huge database

Thanks to the quantity of its data, Filae allowed me to find a large number of people in my tree and to certify them easily thanks to the online acts accessible in one click. Without such a site I would not have arrived at such a result, it is really ideal to identify his ascendants, especially when they have changed town.

Véronique B. | Jan. 2023

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I have been a Filae subscriber since 2018

It was on Filae that I started my family tree. I also use other sites, but Filae remains essential for me. I really like the architecture of the site, the design, the regular updates that we benefit from. And I find the annual cost really correct, given the information that can be found there. Congratulations and thank you to the whole team!

Valérie T. | Sep. 2022

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Original French records digitized and indexed

More than 100 million images of birth certificates, marriages, deaths, censuses...
accessible from a simple last name!

  • Civil Status

    Civil status 1792 - 1945

    Over 500 million people

  • Censuses
    in progress

    Censuses from 1872 to 1936

    Over 90 million people

  • Parish registers
    in progress

    Parish registers 1700 - 1792

    Over 88 million people

And also millions of family trees, collections from French Algeria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain...

  • Genealogical Trees 140 million people
  • Military Archives 3 million
  • Decorations, Titles and Pensions 1,3 million
  • Embarkations, Passports and Passengers 1 million
  • Orders and Decrees 500 000
  • Canadian genealogies 60 000
  • Directories, Almanacs and Coat of Arms 300 000
  • Historical Archives 80 000

Easy, efficient and fun

With Filae Premium, find your ancestors in a few clicks, access original records and build your family tree!

Filae is magic!

Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, journalist and genealogist

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