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"The census of 1906 on Filae is great"
Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, journalist and genealogist

And you, what will you discover about your ancestors?

A valuable source for your genealogy, censuses are the indispensable complement of civil status.

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Through censuses, you discover not only the exact place where your ancestors lived : locality or neighborhood, street and house number but also the place of birth. As much information that will give you new research tracks for your walking ancestors or find untraceable acts. So a marriage could be found in the birth town of the wife or the first born.

and rebuild whole families !

The census is a photograph at a given moment of a population living in the same town but also in the same household. From a single search, you discover, in the blink of an eye, who lived under the same roof as your ancestor : family members more or less distant but also bosses, domestic or potential employees. The best way to restore siblings and offspring.

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Find your ancestors among more than 127 million people identifiable by their place of residence or birth.

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