Civilian victims in Normandy

Your Norman ancestor is a civilian who died because of war ? Find the circumstances of his death.

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Nominative directory of the 5,800 civilians who died in Normandy during the Second World War.

Hitler's "Blitz Krieg" or lightning war allowed the German Army a breakthrough in the summer of 1940. The defeated France was imposed an armistice ; most of their soldiers are prisoners. There is no more fighting on its territory for the next three years.

In 1944, the Anglo-American allies began the liberation of Europe. On the Atlantic coast, it's the Landing. But the Nazi troops cling, don't let the ground once laminated.

From June to December 1944 the liberation of the territory will cause several thousand victims among the Norman civilians, killed during aerial bombardments on the towns and villages of the coast, the railways and the ports. Le Havre, completely destroyed, registered in September 1944 more than 2000 civilian victims. Rouen lost 3,500 inhabitants during the so-called "red week" bombings. Caen fired artillery for 78 days in a row.

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Répertoire nominatif des 5 800 personnes civiles, décédées en Normandie pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.