Civilian victims in Normandy

Your Norman ancestor is a civilian who died because of war ? Find the circumstances of his death.

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Nominative directory of the 34,615 civilian and military victims, who died in Normandy between 1914 and 1918.

All the victims of the first world conflict were not exclusively on the front, itself moving according to the German advances and French setbacks. Thus, the artillery and the aviation of Guillaume II could bombard the Paris area and the capital, inter alia with the "" Big Berta "".

The aim was to cause material damage, provoke fires and frighten civilians. But the action wasn't only psychological : several tens of thousands of inhabitants of the Ile de France succumbed to war actions. Civilians, men, women and children (sometimes surprised by the bombing in the classroom) and military (from the country guard to the volunteer firefighter through the retired officer present on the spot by chance or hairy on leave) : over 62 200 of our ancestors lost their lives there.

  • Stèles commémoratives
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Répertoire nominatif des 34 615 victimes civiles et militaires, décédés en Normandie entre 1914 et 1918.