Killed and Injured - Campaign of France (1814)

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Nominal list of officers of the Grand Army and Imperial Guard soldiers killed, wounded, captured or missing during the campaign from January the 1st to April 5th of 1814

The French campaign is the end of the Sixth Coalition-related war, which takes place from January to April 1814, during which Napoleon I tried to avoid or stop the invasion of France and keep his throne.

The front is spread over the eastern borders (against the English, Russian, Prussian, Swedish and Austrian troops) and the Pyrenean borders (against the English, Spanish, Portuguese and Sicilian troops). A third front called "" of the Rhone "" allows the Austrian troops to seize Geneva, Savoie, Lyon and its region.

Despite several victories and after the entry of the Prussian and Russian troops in Paris on March 31, 1814, his main marshals refusing to continue the fighting, the emperor abdicates on April 6, 1814 and leaves in exile on the island of Elba. This campaign caused about 65,000 casualties among French soldiers.

Nearly 9,000 of them were Grand Army officers and Imperial Guard soldiers.

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Liste nominative des officiers de la Grande Armée et des soldats de la Garde Impériale tués, blessés, fait prisonniers ou disparus au cours de la campagne du 1er janvier au 5 avril 1814