Titres, homologations et services pour faits de résistance

List of people whose files were the subject of an administrative procedure for recognition of facts of resistance.
Over 600 000 people whose records contain : the last name, the first name, date and place of birth, the organization and the name of the resistance network, the file number and the link to the document.

From the file number and the individual identity, the file can by consult at the historical service of Defense in Vincennes because those archives are freely communicable.

Caution: These documents are not intended to list all the resistance fighters. Indeed, many resistance fighters have never made themselves known. All the resistance actions have not necessarily led to the constitution of an administrative file. Lastly, the mention of an individual does not presume that he is a resistance fighter, because this fund also lists individuals whose actions, after examination, have not been recognized or approved for Resistance purposes. The communication of files in the reading room is limited to 5 files per day and per reader.

Memories of men // Ministry of Defense – General Secretariat for the administration – Directorate of Patrimony, Remembrance and Archives