Tables des successions et absences

Digitized Tables of successions and absences (TSA) – Name index
These archives, originally used for tax purposes, are used to control inheritance. They represent an incomparable mine of information for genealogists. In fact, these tables record all deaths that occurred within the perimeter of a given registry office, whether or not there were grounds for inheritance. Surname, first name, date and place of death, age, spouse (if any) and place of residence are recorded. The documents also open up new avenues of research, with references to a possible inheritance file that will enable us to identify the deceased's assets and heirs in greater detail. These alphabetical tables also list those declared absent, i.e. people who disappeared without a trace.

The tables of successions and absences are organized by registry offices, which are territorial districts quite similar to cantons. The deceased is registered in the registry office for the commune of residence and/or death.

In each table, the deceased are classified by the initial letter of the name, then by the date of registration of the death.

We have transcribed the surname, first names, age or year of birth where applicable, date and place of death, place of residence, place of birth when specified (very rarely), and spouse(s) mentioned.
  • Original documents are held at the Archives départementales (series Q – "Domaines, enregistrement, hypothèques").