Table of Honor of the Great War

Your Poilu ancestor is a 14-18 hero ? Discover his military exploits.

  • Bulletins of Laws

  • National and local newspapers

  • Family pictures

Digitized photographic repertory of 19,000 soldiers of 14-18 named to the order of the army, decorated with the military medal or promoted in the order of the Legion of Honor.

During the First World War, tens of thousands of officers, NCOs, soldiers and nurses born between 1851 and 1899 received a quote or decoration for an act of courage or dedication. They were named to the order of the army, named in the order of the Legion of Honor or decorated with the military medal. From the beginning of the war, the national newspapers reported the exploits of the Poilus. The Bulletin of Laws published at the beginning of each year the quotes to the order of the Army, then the decorations received by the combatants. The magazine L'Illustration, a magazine using the new technologies of the time, published photographs of these fighters, sent by the families, of those whom the Nation considered heroes.
  • Bulletins des Lois
  • Journaux nationaux et locaux
  • Photographies de famille

Répertoire photographique numérisé de 19 000 soldats de 14-18 cités à l’ordre de l’armée, décorés de la médaille militaire ou promus dans l’ordre de la Légion d’honneur.