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Directory of Belgian fighters killed at the Field of Honor and surviving soldiers awarded the Fire Cross for heroic action

The soldiers of the Kingdom of Belgium didn't disappointed during the first world conflict. Although very early invaded and his government fled to London, Belgium, small in size and population, opposed 140,000 soldiers to the German forces breaking on its borders.

Among them, she counted no less than42 000 soldiers dead in the field of honor. More than 60,000 surviving fighters received after the war the Fire Cross, a testament to the recognition of the Belgian nation for their heroic behavior during the fighting. Established by royal decree of February 6, 1934, the Fire Cross honored the military and civilian personal men and women of the Belgian armed forces - including colonial ones - who had served at least 32 months at the front and had undergone fire.

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Répertoire des combattants belges morts au Champ d'Honneur et des soldats survivants récipiendiaires de la Croix du Feu pour action héroïque