Refugees from Eastern France in Haute-Savoie

One of your ancestors found refuge in Haute-Savoie ? Check it out.

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Nominative compilation of families and people from eastern France refugees in Haute-Savoie

Even before the beginning of the First World War the French authorities, who see the imminent war, foresee the displacement of the populations where it is expected that the fighting will take place.

North and East of France are the regions that must be evacuated, both to give way to the French army and to prevent the ravages that the fighting could cause to the civil populations.

These populations will be moved to the "back", in preserved departments, where the prefectural and municipal authorities are responsible for organizing their reception. The populations of the eastern border, the "" Alsatian border "" since the war of 1870 and the annexation of Alsace-Moselle in 1871 by the German Empire, are thus evacuated towards the department of Haute-Savoie, by family, if needed, if they couldn't find other solutions on their own.

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Compilation nominative des familles et des individus originaires de l'Est de la France réfugiés en Haute-Savoie