Military pensions (1818-1824)

Your military ancestor retired at the beginning of the Restoration ? Find out if he was receiving a pension.

  • Bulletin of the Laws

General and registered table of pensions inscribed since October 1, 1818 to December 31, 1824

At the end of the Empire, the Restoration separated from the old officials too compromised with the Bonapartist regime. It is the purge in the administration and in the army. Moreover, it separates a large part of the officers who become the famous "half-pay".

16,000 civil servants and military lose their jobs, either for reasons of seniority (for example for clergymen) or by royal decision, more political. In the absence of a generalized and universal pension system, the State then grants these former civil servants pensions in their personal capacity, according to their seniority in the career.

  • Bulletin des Lois

Tableau général et nominatif des pensions inscrites depuis le 1er octobre 1818 au 31 décembre 1824