Orders, Donations and Letters Patent

Your ancestor benefited from a decree or a nominative ordinance between 1800 and 1830 ? Find the reasons for its distinction.

  • Bulletin of the Laws

Nominative compilation of more than 38 000 ordinances and decrees published in the Bulletin of the Laws in the nineteenth century

Ancestor of the Official Journal of the French Republic, the Bulletin of Laws was used to publish orders and decrees issued by the various governments from 1793 to 1931. This mine of information offers an exceptional point of view on the society of the time , from the First Empire to the Third Republic, thanks to the variety of its publications..

Among these thousands of nominative documents, we find the decrees of naturalization, the appointments in the Order of the Legion of Honor, the authorizations of work, the attribution of concessions or majorats by Letters Patent, the institutions of pensions or gratuities at a time when the pension system didn't exist yet.

This is the daily life of our ancestors in the nineteenth century that appears throughout the administrative history of our country. If kings or emperors change, the administration is eternal! And tracing every citizen, no matter what regime they serve.

  • Bulletin des Lois

Compilation nominative de plus de 38 000 ordonnances et décrets parus dans le Bulletin des Lois au XIXe siècle