Reserve Officers (1935-1936)

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  • National Directory of Reserve Officers edited by the National Union of Reserve Officers

Nominative List of Reserve Officers of All the services of the Army and Sea

In France, the military reserve appears after the Franco-German war of 1870. It is intended to replace the National Guard, institution with civil status created by La Fayette in 1790.

The military reserve is made up of citizens called Reservists, trained as soldiers to reinforce the armed forces active on the national territory or in external operations. They are part-time soldiers who specialize in a specific field.

In times of peace or reinforcement in a situation of conflict, the reserve intervenes either for particular actions or punctual operations, or throughout the year to fulfill professional functions complementary to the armed forces.

Serving in all corps (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Aeronautics, Gendarmerie, Colonial Troops, Railways, Health and Military Justice, Recruitment ...), these specialists bring rare external skills that lack the professional forces (dentists, pharmacists , language teachers, specialized electricians ...). Reservists have a military status as soon as they serve under their contract of engagement.

  • Annuaire National des Officiers de Réserve édité par l’Union Nationale des Officiers de Réserve

Liste nominative des officiers de réserve de tous les services de l'Armée de Terre et de Mer