French engaged in the US Army

One of your ancestors wore the American uniform ? Discover his years of service across the Atlantic.

  • American National Archives

Nominative compilation of French commitments in the American uniform in the 19th century

From the beginning of the nineteenth century, following the example of the political exiles of the Revolution, many French migrate, temporarily or permanently, to the United States. They join French populations already settled in the the immense Louisiana or emigrants of Canada, itself formerly French.

The different regimes (the Restoration, the Second Republic, the Empire) will also create their share of political exiles. Some of these French residents in the United States. Sometimes former soldiers or officers in France exiled after the Empire or the revolutions of 1830 and 1848, will engage under the American uniform during the conflicts of the 19th century. They will participate in the various Indian Wars, the Civil War or the Philippine War.

  • Archives Nationales américaines

Compilation nominative des engagements des Français sous l'uniforme américain au XIXe siècle